Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014 - Part II {Weekend Review}

Good morning, lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I am happy to report that I am feeling much better today. And it couldn't have come at a better time, as Caleb and I have a walking and lunch date with a sweet friend of ours, Sarah, who is pregnant with her first sweet baby. We can't wait to catch up with her today and check out her bump.

Today, I am sharing the last bit of our Easter weekend festivities. I honestly didn't intend to spend two whole days talking about Easter, but with the length one post would have ended up being (and the amount of pictures it would have encompassed), it just worked out better to split it up. If you haven't read the first part of our Easter recap, you can find that here

On Easter Sunday after church, my family and I headed to Villa Christina in Atlanta. This restaurant holds a special place in my heart, as it is where my sister held a beautiful bridal shower for me, and also where B and I spent our first Easter as a married couple. This Easter brunch at Villa Christina was the second one there with my family. And the first with Caleb, of course! And we had so much fun. The restaurant is beautiful, and was all decked out for Easter. And the food was delicious. Here are a few shots from our brunch. 

And here are a few we took while walking the grounds after brunch.

After we finished up brunch, we headed back to my parents house and began packing up to head out. We still had two more families to visit, so we had to hit the road. Our first stop was B's grandparents, Mawmaw and David's house. All of B's dad's side of the family were gathered there. They had already eaten their Easter lunch, but were just hanging out, and were thrilled to get a chance to spend some time with Caleb. It's not often that the entire family can get together, so we were glad to get to see everyone. I did not manage to take any photos there so I have none to share of that get together.

After leaving Mawmaw and David's, we headed to B's other grandparents' house - Dosh and Pawpaw's - where B's mom's side of the family was gathered. Caleb opened yet another couple of baskets there (one from Nonna, and one from Dosh).

We had a big Easter dinner there (though B and I were definitely not feeling too hungry at that point), and then Caleb did an egg hunt out in the yard. It was too cute. Instead of a bunch of candy - which he can't eat - B's mom and grandmother hid things like mini apple juices and organic food pouches. Things we will be sure to use in the coming weeks! B and I did remember to get out the camera for that.

You may be able to tell from the pictures, but Caleb did seem to 'get' what was going on this time around a bit better than he did at the church Easter egg hunt. At least he knew to drop the eggs into the bucket, that is! As you can imagine, after all of the festivities of the day, we were all pretty worn out, and our little man was out for the count as soon we hopped into the car for the ride home. B and I always say that we won't do all the running around at every holiday, but we always end up doing it anyways. We never want to miss spending quality time with any of our family, so although all the running isn't the easiest - especially now with a baby in tow - it's worth it. Our little man is so loved. And we are so lucky to have family who just wants to spend time with us. We will never take that for granted.

I am hoping to have Caleb's 11 month update up tomorrow, so be sure to pop back by for that. Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014 - Part I {Weekend Review}

Whew. If not for this little face, I probably would have stayed in bed all day today.

It's Monday night as I am writing this post, I'm battling a sore throat and stuffy nose, and honestly, this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down at the computer and attempt to get my thoughts out on the page. Blogging has taken a bit of a backseat over the last few days - hence the reason you didn't see a post from me the last couple of days of last week or yesterday. We've been busy. We've had a lot going on. It happens. I doubt that I'll ever catch up with all the emails I've been behind on for the last couple of weeks, so if you commented on a post or sent me an email and you haven't gotten a response from me, I am truly sorry. I've also been commenting a bit less on my favorite blogs, but am still reading all of your posts, so don't think I've disappeared on you! Hopefully I will get back around to my normal blogging soon, but am just giving myself a bit of grace for now. In the next few weeks we've got our third wedding anniversary, B's medical school graduation, Caleb's first birthday, B's sister's graduation, my cousin's wedding, my birthday, and our beach vacation. And somewhere in between all of that, we will be moving (and are still really hoping to sell our house). All before June 23. It's an overly organized, planner-in-chief, control freak's worst nightmare. Let's just say I've got a lot of 'to do' lists lying around.

Instead of focusing on all of the things that are stressing me out, let's do a weekend review, shall we? Because we certainly had a weekend for the books. After all, every first holiday for a baby is a big deal. And Easter was no exception. For all of your sakes, I am going to break this into 2 parts because the pictures are a bit overwhelming otherwise. Sorry in advance.

On Friday, Caleb and I were glad to have Daddy home with us for the day. He's been working for his Dad quite a bit - which has been such a blessing - but it was so nice for him to have a day off. We started our day with a yummy breakfast at Panera. Usually we do a Good Friday service on the Friday before Easter, but since Caleb is here with us this year and the service was scheduled for his naptime, we decided to skip it this year. So, instead of that, we made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby (my third one in the last 2 weeks or so) to pick up yet another round of birthday goods for Caleb's first birthday. I am not quite ready to share the 'theme' of the party yet, but I can't wait to see it all come together! I am DIY'ing a lot of it, so here's to hoping it turns out as cute as I envision it! Later Friday afternoon, B's Dad came up and watched Caleb for us while B and I went and saw a matinee showing of God's Not Dead at our local theater. And y'all. It was so good. We really enjoyed it. I know that faith is something that is not held in high regard on a lot of college (i.e. 'higher thinking') campuses. But let me tell you all two things: 1) The religious discrimination going on lately is SCARY, and 2) Having faith and believing in God is not for idiots, as many philosophers (i.e. so called 'higher thinkers') seem prone to believe. I like to think that my husband and I are fairly bright people. After all, I've got a Master's Degree, and he is less than two weeks shy of his MD. And we are faithful followers of Jesus. And proud of it. We left the movie being reminded of this fact, and picked up a pizza on the way home to enjoy with B's Dad and Caleb before he headed out.

On Saturday, we were up bright and early to get ready to head up to my parents for the rest of the weekend. We packed up and grabbed some lunch before heading out. It was chilly and grey, so we bundled C up in his carseat in the backseat, and he was happy as a clam. 

Despite the grey weather, I managed to pull some bright pops into my outfit with my accessories. After all, you just can't wear dark colors on Easter weekend, right?

We arrived at Mimi and Papa's house around 2:00. My parents and sister were so excited to see Caleb. They had his adorable Easter basket ready and waiting, and it wasn't long before they were pulling it out for him to get into. It was so cute! My mom had loaded it with plastic eggs (Caleb's favorite) filled with mini Goldfish snacks, a big, stuffed yellow duck, some snack cups, a precious Easter book, and a couple of sweet little spring outfits. We didn't get pictures of my sister and her fiance's gift to him, but Caleb was also given an art easel from Aunt Jen and Uncle Chris. I know he will love being able to use that one day soon, and can't wait to set it up in his room.

After the gift opening, we headed to an early dinner at a new burger restaurant near my parents' home. They specialize in gourmet burgers and shakes. My sister and I split a yummy concoction with chipotle dressing and guacamole on it with a side of onion rings. And Caleb? Well, Caleb enjoyed some of his Daddy's burger and sweet potato fries, and loved every second of it. He also enjoyed getting loved on by Uncle Chris.

For a few minutes at least. And then, it was back to Mommy.

We skipped milkshakes and dessert at the restaurant so that we could indulge in the homemade strawberry cake that my Momma made, along with frosted sugar Easter cookies and more jelly beans than anyone should ever eat. We played some games - including a rousing game of Scrabble (which is seriously very competitive in my family) - at which B and I failed miserably. After that, we called it a night so that we could all be up bright and early for church Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, Caleb woke up around 7:15. Before eating breakfast, we went ahead and brought out his Easter basket, which we'd carted from home so that he could open it on Easter. We know he wouldn't have cared had we given it to him on Saturday, but we thought it would be fun to have it on Sunday. And he did seem a bit excited about it! As you can see below, the first thing he reached for was the sweet little Pottery Barn bunny, which just melted my heart. The eggs were also a big hit, once again. And Caleb's BFF, Ellie, was on hand to 'help' him open all of his gifts.

After opening his basket, we rushed to get ready for the 9:15 church service. We'd decided to go to the early service so that we could enjoy a brunch after church. We also hoped that maybe Caleb would sleep through the service, since that is his usual naptime. We didn't want to put him in children's church since this was my parent's church and he was unfamiliar with it (he would have cried the whole time, most likely, and I just couldn't stand the thought of that). Surprisingly, he did very well. He loved all of the beautiful music, and kicked his little legs during the songs. And during the hour long sermon? He was quiet as a mouse. Save for a little 'talking' here and there, he did so great. He drank his bottle, and was content to sit quietly in our arms the whole time. B and I were so thankful, as we were really looking forward to getting to enjoy the wonderful service. Easter Sunday is such a wonderful day of remembrance. Such a wonderful day of hope and joy. Such a touching reminder of the sacrifice that was made for us. I know my family was feeling it in the church that morning, and I am hoping that my son was feeling it as well. More to come from our Easter tomorrow...

I am off to bed now, and hoping to kick this cold before it really takes hold. Hoping that you all have a wonderful Tuesday.