Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Bucket of Thursday Confessions

So, I have a lot on my mind. Lots of things swirling through my head. And lots of drafts sitting in a folder waiting for some touch-ups. But all I want to do today is talk randomly. That ok with you guys? Sometimes it just feels good to ramble, so today will be confession day here on the blog.

I confess...

I bought a milkshake one day with the full intent of sharing it with Caleb. I figured I'd get half the calories that way, right? My justification was sound. Well, little man fell asleep in the car. So Mama drank the whole dang thing. Yum. And I'm not as sorry about it as I probably should be.

Sometimes, I realize it's been more than a week before I wash sheets. Oops. But, we do take showers every night before bed, so at least we have that going for us.

Speaking of sheets, I am totally OCD about bed-making. I literally can't start my day unless the bed is made. And if it goes unmade for a few hours, I just feel gross and disgusting.

I've been so tired lately, I just haven't gotten around to finishing out the seasonal switcheroo of my closet. So, while shorts and summer dresses have been nixed from the premises, there are still flip flops and summer sandals hanging out in my closet. Which makes getting dressed interesting. "Let's see, today, I'll wear this sweater...with these sandals? No. Nope, that won't work." Commence digging for appropriate footwear.

Update: I completed the footwear switch-out last night. And, Lawd have mercy. Was it a job. It just about did me in. After huffing and puffing, and digging and sorting, and boxing and organizing, there is nary a flip flop to be found in my closet. I did however begin to realize that my husband may just be right. I really might not need any more shoes.

Especially boots. Y'all. I have 10 pairs of boots. Not counting booties. Not counting ankle boots. Nope. Just regular, right at the knee style boots. Granted, some have wedge heels. Some are riding boots. Some are suede. Some are leather. They're all different. But, 10? Yeah. I think I'm set.

I was looking through some of the pictures on my phone last night, and came across these shots of Caleb before he got his hair cut. When he still had his precious head of curls. I started crying and I couldn't stop. Where did my baby go???

I'm trying to get excited about all things holiday this year, but my usual sparkle just hasn't arrived yet. I blame it on exhaustion right now. Hoping the twinkle shows up soon, since Christmas stuff is already showing up in my local Target.

Speaking of Target, anyone ever noticed that their baby/toddler section is almost always totally picked over? Or is that just my Target?  Note to Target: get it together. I have not had to use any willpower while shopping lately and that, my friends, is just scary.

Baby pjs are my downfall. I want every pair of Christmas pjs I see for Caleb. Does he need them? No. Will he wear them all? Probably not. But that doesn't stop me from thinking that he desperately needs them.

And that's all I've got for today! What's going on in your pretty heads today, ladies?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Buy This, Not That

So, most of you know that I am a wife (and mama) on a budget. Honestly, I've lived with small budgets for so long now - through college, grad school, then medical school, and now residency - that it doesn't feel strange to me. In fact, at this point, I don't think I would know what to do with myself if my shopping budget was large. Who knows? Maybe one day it will be. But for the foreseeable future, it will remain tiny. And that's ok. It just means I have to prioritize and be smart with my money. After all, it's got a lot of different places to go these days. And my wardrobe is not #1 on the list anymore, especially since I am no longer working outside the home and in a business setting every day.

That being said, I still want to be trendy and cute when taking Caleb to the park or out on lunch dates with sweet friends. Or on the occasional date night with the hubs:) So, I've been updating my fall wardrobe here and there (post to come on the items that I've already purchased). I also have a few things on my wishlist. And I've noticed that several of the items on my wishlist can be found in less expensive versions. So, you can bet I will be going with the cheaper options. And you can also bet that I will be sharing them with you. You're welcome.

Natty Little Vests
The tweed and herringbone versions of the fall vest are all the rage this year. They're versatile and oh, so chic. They can also break the bank. So, check out the Target steal below...Or, go drop lots of dollars on the ever-popular J. Crew version.
Target Fur Trim Vest
Mossimo Supply Company Hooded Tweed Vest
J.Crew Factory - Factory novelty quilted puffer vest
J. Crew Excursion Vest in Herringbone
Blanket Scarves
The ongoing saga of the elusive Zara blanket scarf continues. It's no longer available in Zara stores, but similar versions can be found elsewhere. Good ol' Target has an almost exact replica for less than $20.00. And for double the price, you can pick one up at Heart & Home Collection.

Merona Oversized Plaid Scarf


Plaid Blanket Scarf - Multi/Cream – Heart & Home
Plaid Blanket Scarf by Heart & Home
The Perfect Riding Boot
The riding boot has become the "it" fall staple. If you don't have riding boots, well, bless your heart, I don't know how you've been getting by. These babies go with anything from dresses and skirts to skinny jeans and leggings. They are the ballet flat of cold weather. However, it's not necessary to drop a paycheck to get a decent pair - lesson personally learned from my brief stint with owning a pair of the famed $400 Fryes. Bless my own little tight-budgeting heart for that error in judgement.

'Penny' Boot (Wide Calf)
Sam Edelman Penny Boot

'Melissa Button' Leather Riding Boot (Wide Calf)
Frye Melissa Button Boot
A Perfect Lightening Concealer
So, no. Technically concealer is not a 'fall' item. However, I don't know about y'all, but my skin always feels duller in the fall and winter, when my summer tan has worn off and the cold weather makes everything drier and less luminous. Enter highlighting concealers. A great, easy way to brighten up your face and get rid of unsightly blemishes and red spots. And the best news? You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good one. Or you know, you could. Your choice.

Cheap Thrills: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer ($8.15)
Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer
Yves Saint Laurent 'Touche Éclat' Radiant Touch
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Concealer
I've got other steals to share, but thought I'd start with these! Isn't it fun to find good deals? Happy shopping, ladies!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Last For Now {Weekend Review}

But first, I'll have to remind myself to do this. Sad to say, it didn't come naturally for me.

Today, I have a very thankful heart. This weekend was B's last scheduled work weekend on his Ortho Trauma rotation. Hallelujah, Amen! He is off next weekend and the weekend after that. Two in a row. It's a record. The week after that, he will begin an Emergency Room rotation. He will still work weekend days and nights on that rotation, but his hours will be shifts - which should be no longer than 10 hours at a time. Should being the key word. The weeks upon weeks of 16 hour days have really gotten to both of us. Regardless, we are looking forward to a month that's a little less traumatic than the last couple of rotations have been. Lord knows we are going to need it, as B goes back onto Ortho Trauma for the month of December. Let's just say I am NOT looking forward to that...

Ahem. Moving on.

This weekend was a busy one. Friday was full of errand-running and housework. It was a long day with just the little man and me, as B worked a full day and then volunteered as the assistant doctor at a high school football game in the Atlanta area on Friday night. It's always fun for him to get to be part of these games, as it gives him 'real world' experience when a player gets hurt and is brought to him for immediate diagnosis and treatment options. Nothing like being the person in charge to make your profession start feeling real.

Saturday, B was up bright and early to head to work. Caleb and I slept in for a bit, and were then up and around to get ready for the day. We had cinnamon toast for breakfast, watched some cartoons, and cleaned up around the house before heading to lunch with my sweet Momma, sister, Aunt Lisa, and cousin Ryan. My mom and sister had been wanting to see Caleb, and my aunt's birthday is this week, so Saturday was just a good day to get together to catch up and celebrate. Caleb loved getting to see his Mimi and Aunt Jen. And of course, none of us thought to grab a camera to snap some pictures. How is it that I can seem to think to take pictures of Caleb while running around the house eating breakfast in his pjs, but seem to totally forget to take pictures for rare get togethers with loved ones? Total fail. After lunch, we paid a visit to our local HomeGoods store - where I picked up a couple of small Christmas gifts for the little man - and Michaels, where my mom needed a few craft items. Around that time, I got a surprise phone call from B, letting me know that he was on his way home. Great surprise! Not long after that, my family and I hugged goodbye, and Caleb and I headed home to spend some much-needed time with Daddy.

Saturday night, the three of us headed to B's grandparents' house to watch the last half of the Georgia game, and to spend some time with B's aunt, uncle, and cousins, who were in town from Savannah for the weekend. We noshed on some white bean chili, and watched Caleb run around with his sweet little cousins, Landon and Stella - who are a couple of years older than he is. Landon would run by, followed closely by Stella, and then a few seconds later, Caleb's little head would go running by. He was giggling like a mad man, and loving every second of it. Every so often, we could hear both Stella and Landon saying, "Come on Caleb!" and waiting for him to catch up - it was so sweet that they really enjoyed playing with him. And Caleb's joy was palpable; his little grins were just splitting his sweet face in two. It melted my heart. Once the game ended, everyone headed outside for a fire pit and s'mores. I honestly can't remember the last time I had s'mores. Especially the homemade, marshmellows roasted on coat hangers kind. And they were go-oood. Let's just say, Caleb was a fan.

Sunday morning, B was once again up and out the door before the crack of dawn. And Caleb and I were also up early to get ready for church. He was looking super cute in his fall sweater vest get-up, so I did what any sane mother of a toddler does. Perched him on the bathroom counter to brush his teeth, handed him the floss to keep him distracted, and proceeded to snap a photo. Hey, he's not looking, but for once, the picture is not blurry. So I call it a success.

 This week, we decided to attend earlier so that we could meet up with B's family to celebrate Pawpaw's birthday. Caleb went to the nursery, and I headed to Sunday school. And after that, we headed out to a big birthday lunch at a local Mexican restaurant near us. Once again, we got a wonderful surprise when B called and let us know that he was on his way home, and was able to join us for lunch. This little guy is always excited to get to spend time with his daddy. Especially when it involves quesadillas. Once again, I managed to get absolutely no photos, aside from this one of Caleb sitting in his highchair. My photog skills need some work. Otherwise, we'll have no real memories of anything or anyone when Caleb grows up. Just random photos of him at various events, with no shots of anyone else.

After lunch, we headed home. The little man napped while B and I watched Home Alone. Yes, Christmas movies are fair game in our house almost all year long. But especially in October, November, and of course, December. It was so fun to watch one together, snuggled up on a lazy Sunday afternoon while Caleb snoozed. Soon after the movie, I came down with a splitting headache, and wasn't feeling well, so B scooped up Caleb and they headed to the grocery store to give me some time to rest. The headache persisted even after they returned, so I stayed down for most of the afternoon. And my sweet hubby picked up my slack, no questions asked. He did laundry. He folded laundry. He cooked a yummy spaghetti dinner. And he kept Caleb quiet and entertained while I attempted to rest. All in his few hours of 'off' time. No complaints. I'm telling you ladies, I am one lucky girl. God really broke the mold with my man. And I am oh, so grateful for him.

Hoping that you all had a lovely weekend! Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Recently, my sweet friend Amy did a post that she called, "Sometimes..." I loved it, and thought I would recreate it for a post of my own here on the blog.

Value Of A Moment #memory

*Sometimes...I'm too tired to make dinner for Caleb, and then do it all over again for B and I (I try to wait and eat with him when possible). On days when I'm just too tired to do it twice, I end up eating chicken nuggets and applesauce. You could say I have a mature palate.

*Sometimes...I wish I could burn my husband's t-shirt collection. He may be a doctor, but you would never know it when looking at him on his days off.

*Sometimes...I forget what life was like before I became a mom.

*Sometimes...I avoid checking my email because I know it's super backed up, and looking at all the emails needing responses stresses me out.

*Sometimes...I do the same thing with voicemails.

*Sometimes...I look forward to bedtime early in the day. As in, the minute I wake up. 

*Sometimes...I completely forget to do the little things, like shave my legs or paint my nails. Mama's got priorities. And apparently, grooming has moved down a space or two on the list.

*Sometimes...I get lost in Target and end up with a basket full of things I don't need.

*Sometimes...I eat small dinners just so I can have dessert. 

*Sometimes...I miss having a reason to dress up every day. Nowadays, no one cares if my hair is washed or my jeans are clean. 

*Sometimes...I avoid running errands for days because carting Caleb around is just too much work.

*Sometimes...I miss being able to sit down with a good book any old time.

*Sometimes...The laundry sits in the dryer or the laundry basket for 2 or 3 days because I just don't feel like folding it. 

*Sometimes...I purposely avoid blog trends because they date themselves so quickly. Remember the bubble necklaces from a few seasons ago? I had two of them. And never wear them now because they are so out of style. 

*Sometimes...Staying at home is far preferable to being anywhere else.

*Sometimes...I squeeze my boy for as long as he'll let me before running away. I know my days of snuggles and hugs are numbered, so I plan on soaking them all up for as long as possible.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy, Happy {Weekend Review}

Can I tell you all a little something? Something that feels so freeing to say?

This weekend was the best. 

Gosh, how long has it been since I've been able to say that? Honestly, this weekend was the first time that I remember feeling really and truly happy - happy all the way to my core - in a long, long time. Since B started residency, these moments have been few and fleeting. I've been running on fumes, always feeling like I've spread myself too thin, and then falling asleep worrying about what I could have done better. But this weekend was different. This weekend I enjoyed every minute to the fullest. I didn't wish I was anywhere else. And for once, I didn't feel like I was the only one suffering through every minute without the man I love. 

B was home on Saturday and Sunday, and we had the very best time. Despite the fact that he worked until 12:30 am on Friday night (er, Saturday morning), we were up bright and early on Saturday to head to a family yard sale that we were helping out with. We packed up the little man, stopped to grab breakfast, and were on our way. We enjoyed helping out for a couple of hours, and were able to make some 'fun money' getting rid of a few things that we didn't need anymore. Around 11, we were feeling the late hours on Friday night (I'm never able to sleep well until B is home safely on nights that he works late). So, we headed home for a family nap, and were back up within an hour to watch the Georgia v. Missouri game. Go Dawgs! After lunch, we headed back over to B's grandparents' house to help pack up what was left of the yard sale before calling it a day and heading home, tired but cheerful.

Saturday night, we ordered a pizza with extra cheese on it, rented a Redbox movie, and settled in for the night around dinner time. During our cozy little dinner on the living room couches, I remember looking around at my little family and just glowing with happiness. Knowing that I am just where I am supposed to be. How blessed I truly am. I have a loving, hardworking husband, and a beautiful, happy son. Who was running around the family room, giggling his chubby little cheeks off with joy. Joy at getting pizza for dinner. Joy at having mommy and daddy both home. Joy at getting to stay up a little later than normal to play. Such simple things, but he was oh, so happy. I could stand to learn a lesson from my son, that's for sure. 

Sunday was just as happy as Saturday. We got up and around to prepare to head to church, but I started feeling unwell about 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave, so we ended up staying home. I laid down for a bit with C, and then got up to get some house chores done while he continued his nap. He ended up sleeping from a little before 11 until about 1:30. Which is almost unheard of - normally he is the child that doesn't sleep. After he woke up, we grabbed lunch and then headed out to meet Pops (B's dad) at the pumpkin patch. Which is actually part of a large farm attraction here in town. The farm does season-specific activities all year round, so right now, they have the pumpkins. They also have a general store with local honey and homemade jellies and jams (among lots of other things), piggy races, a petting area with horses, goats, cows, bunnies and chickens, giant slides, corn maze, a hay ride, corn chutes, flower gardens, and a bunch of other fun things. Caleb was a bit young for a lot of the activities, but he enjoyed the piggy races and loved the little cow train that he rode with B. I took some pictures on our camera, but haven't uploaded those, so here are a few I snapped on my phone.

It was super hot - about 85 degrees - so not what I had in mind (weather-wise) for our pumpkin patch visit. Caleb's cute little fall outfit had to be switched out for a t-shirt and shorts and we had to apply sunscreen before we headed out. We were sipping fresh lemonade while we were there, and munching on homemade peach ice cream. I'd imagined it being more of a hot apple cider and caramel apples kind of thing, but what can you do when Mother Nature decides not to cooperate? Despite his little nose beading up with sweat, and his cheeks being fire engine red, Caleb still had a good time. He loved running through the pumpkin patch, 'helping' Mommy pick the perfect punkin. Getting a picture of him while doing it? Well, that was a challenge of its own. Toddlers.

Sunday night wrapped up with the return of the Walking Dead and hot chocolate chip cookies. But the happy doesn't stop there, my friends. Oh, no. Because I am one blessed girl in the friendship department. On Saturday, this sweet package from Lynn and Pinky showed up in my doorstep, full of goodies for both Caleb and I (and I won't lie, some of the candy didn't make the picture due to it already being stuffed into my mouth). Caleb has been carrying his little "Stuffy" (from Doc McStuffins) dragon around, loving on it. So cute.

We also got the sweetest Halloween card in the mail from my dear friend Amy, and her precious son, Cash! Mail delivery was super exciting this weekend. one final bit of happy news: my best friend (since we were 12) Erin, is coming to visit Caleb and I today. We are so excited, and can't wait to see her! It's been a few months since our last visit, and I am in desperate need of some friend time. Yay for time spent with people you love.

Hoping that the high from this weekend will keep me going for the next 12 days - because that's how long it's going to be before B has another day off. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Loves {And Link Ups!}

Happy Friday, ladies!

It's been a busy week for us, but I am happy to be back on the blog today to participate in some of my favorite Friday link-ups. So let's get started, yes?

1. We've had a little more time with Daddy this week than normal, and we have been loving it! He was home most of the day on Wednesday since he worked the night shift that night, he was home most of the day on Thursday since he was post-call, AND he has this whole weekend off. So thankful. Our weekend is full of fun stuff like a yard sale today and the pumpkin patch on Saturday or Sunday. Can't wait! (Y'all have to help me remember to be thankful since after this weekend, he will work the next 12 days straight before getting another day off). 

Just look at my two peas in a pod. Lucky girl, right here.

2. I've had my eye on a few things for fall. The very well-know plaid blanket scarf, which was first sold by Zara, is one of the them. Heart & Home is selling a similar one, and I am wondering whether or not I should pull the trigger and purchase it. Anyone have it? Love it? Thoughts? 

Plaid Blanket Scarf - Multi/Cream – Heart & Home

3. One purchase I did make this week? This necklace. From Target. Yep. Good ol' Target strikes again. Lately, all the jewelry that I've purchased has been gold. It's been a while since I've purchased a silver item, so I thought this piece was a nice one to add to my jewelry box for fall and winter. Bonus: if you have the Target Cartwheel app, all jewelry is 20% off right now. And there are several other awesome coupons, so if you don't have the app, get it here now!

Women's Bib Necklace with Stones - Black/Clear/Silver (17.5")

4. My fantastic husband made monkey bread last night. If you've ever had monkey bread, you'll know that a cinnamon-sugar, bready confection like that just can't be ignored. It's one of those desserts with a siren call that shrieks, "You must eat me 'til I'm gone." My husband is the best. My hips don't thank him.

5. Weekly update on the little man: The curls are gone. Gulp. I tear up just writing that. Caleb had his beautiful ringlets for almost 17 months. Other than a bang trim here and there, the child has never had a haircut. Yesterday, I decided it was time. So I took him into the salon, put on my stoic mom face, and watched his precious ringlets fall into my lap. He did very well with the cut. And came away looking three years older. Which literally broke my heart into a million tiny pieces. But, oh, how handsome is he? 

Today, I am linking up with Karli of September Farm and Amy of The Farmer's Wife.


Also linking up with Darci, Christina, April and Natasha for their longstanding Friday favorite!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blank, White Spaces

It's 10:30 pm. 

I'm just sitting down to my computer, and am currently staring blankly at a blinking cursor. Wondering what in the world to put into this blank white space. Words tumble through my brain, like water through a sieve, none of them quite right for how I feel. My hair is unwashed. There's unfolded laundry piled up on the guest room bed. My cranky 16 month old finally fell asleep a few short minutes ago. My husband has been fast asleep on the couch since before 9 pm; his attempt at putting Caleb to sleep having worked well on only one of them.

And I am feeling drained.

The days right now are loooong. But the evenings? Well, they are just not long enough. My precious nighttime hours - the ones I used to rely on for the sake of sanity - have slowly been siphoned away until, like recently, it feels as if they don't exist at all anymore. The time between 8 and 10 pm slips by every evening in a haze of late dinners, dish cleaning, baby soothing, toy sorting, husband updates, household chores, and personal hygiene. And even the personal hygiene has been sorely neglected as of late - I would be mortified for any of you to see the state of my toenails right now. Let's just say, it's hard to tell whether they were painted red at one point or not.

Most nights, I don't even get a chance to glance at my computer. Much less actually sit down and come up with thoughtful, engaging, interesting blog posts that would be worth your time to read. Any time spent on my computer during the day is used for the jobs that I've taken on. Which I am very grateful for, don't get me wrong. They are such a blessing. But let me tell you, being a stay-at-home/part-time-working-from-home mom is tough. I haven't found my balance yet. Let's pray that I do soon. Because right now, I feel like I am doing a lot of "things." But not doing any of them 100%. Know the feeling? It's not a good one.

If you're still with me, bless you. I have no plans on quitting the blog at this time. I just need to find the time to devote to it that it deserves. I love blogging. It's the one thing that I do "for me" in this crazy season of life. In fact, I might just go crazy without it. So, although I might not be posting here every day, I will be here. I might not be commenting on your posts as often as I used to, but I am reading them and enjoy keeping up with you. You might not be getting responses to your comments on my posts, but please know that I read them all, and appreciate each and every one of them. I still love you all, and look forward to interacting again soon on a more consistent basis.

We've got a long going on. I look forward to sharing more soon. And appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time. Thanks for letting me vent here today. 

French Press Mornings - 2 Timothy 4:17  #encouragingwednesdays #fcwednesdaywisdom #quotes